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upload/download maps to/from a VALVe game server (Client)
Uploading Maps to a Game server can be a tedious process if you want to get
the post-upload processing right. MapTransfer tries to automate this process
as much as possible. It handles everything a map upload takes:
* Finds the paths on the disk where Steam is installed and where games are
located. (Uses the Registry on Windows, and maptransfer.cfg for other OSs)
* BZips the Map before upload, and only uploads the BZ2ed file. That way,
maps are automatically prepared for fast download, while saving (mega)bytes
for the client to upload.
* Uploads .nav/.txt/.res files, if any.
* Hardlinks files on the server side, if more than one gameserver path is
specified in the config; that way a single map is uploaded to multiple
servers at once (and only takes up the space once, too).
* Saves you and your users a lot of tedious cdery and copypasta.
* Highlights the maps you or the server don't have, so you easily see what's
missing on either side.
Aside from the core functionality, it offers a few niceties as well:
* Client allows for simultaneous downloads and uploads.
* Uses HTTPS as protocol - that way, you can download maps (or test
connectivity) with your favorite web browser, or write your own scripts
that interact with the server.
* IPv6 ready
* Extensible: Any game should work, as long as it uses bsp maps - map
directories aren't hard coded but read from the config file.
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